Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

GPR* is another innovated system used by Mt. View Locating Services for detecting non-conductible pipes, hard-to-find conductible pipes, vaults, manholes, buried hand holes, tanks, unmarked gravesites, old foundations, and voids. Ground-penetrating radar uses advanced radio waves to penetrate the ground, when performing a scan.

The scanning surface needs to be semi-flat and free of debris, and brush in order to get the most successful GPR scan.

In this picture we found An anomaly in the ground Using GPR, otherwise would Have been unknown until contractor Dug.

in these pictures, a heating oil tank was located at a residense property

in these pictures, a heating oil tank was located at a residense property

Concrete / Wall Scanning

Our mini GPR* scanner is useful for contractors that want to core drill, put anchor bolts in, saw cutting, and digging, it detects rebar, Post Tension cables, conduits, etc.

in the concrete slab, either slab on grade, floating floors, ceilings, or walls, the surface needs to flat and free of all debris.

*GPR scans are limited to soil condition, pipe/tank size, material, depth and volume of buried utilities. Due to these variables, we cannot offer any guarantees

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