Private Utility Locating Services

Mt. View Locating Services, LLC locators specialize in the detection of underground utilities such as power, telephone, cable tv, fiber. gas, air, steam, HVAC, water, sewer and storm lines where accessible, underground tanks, and locating unlocatable pipes for utility providers, private businesses, such as airports, government properties, military installations, city and county establishments, schools, colleges, park departments, ports, commercial and industrial properties, we also provide services to homeowners, contractors, engineering, consulting firms, and much, much more.


Why do I need private locates ?

Washington State law, RCW 19.122 States that any and every person doing any type of excavation must call before they dig! When you call for a public utility locate using 1-800-424-5555 or 811, the individual utility companies will locate and mark the utility up to the metering point in most cases, but not in all cases, this rule will vary from utility owner to owner with the rest being the responsibility of the homeowners, business owners, contractors, and excavators, they are to have the private utilities located at their own expense. Some examples of these private utilities are electric, gas, phone, water, sewer, storm, in most cases anything pass the meter point of the utility. Many industrial complexes have privately owned communication, power, water, gas, storm, irrigation, & sewer systems between main buildings and outlying buildings. By locating these utilities (when and where possible) you can avoid large repair bills and unproductive down time that can run up job costs. Even for the minor home improvement jobs (such as installing fences, signs, planting trees, etc.) require locates.

Mt. View Locating Services, LLC Locators are committed to customer satisfaction with over 100 years of experience in the industry. We truly are Your Partners in Damage Prevention!!!

Contract Utility Locates

(Offered for Public Utility Providers ONLY)

Our firm currently locates for a wide array of utility one-call providers such as municipalities, PUDs, power companies, and communication companies. We would love to offer this service to your firm.

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