Mt. View Locating Services, LLC

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation underpins every project. Mt. View Locating Services’ advanced technology and strict quality assurance protocols make us a trusted partner for commercial and private projects throughout Western Washington and Oregon​. (Lancia Reporter -)​​​

  • Accurate Utility Detection: Mt. View Locating Services LLC uses advanced tools like ground-penetrating radar (GPR) and video pipe inspections to accurately detect utilities such as power, gas, telephone, fiber, and HVAC lines before any digging or construction begins.
  • Customized for Public and Private Needs: Whether it’s for commercial contractors, cities, counties, or private clients like homeowners and schools, their services are customized to identify and protect critical underground utilities for every type of customer.
  • Site Preservation: Our utility locating includes site preservation services that safeguard existing structures and layouts during excavation, minimizing disruptions and maintaining the integrity of the project.
  • Damage Prevention: By thoroughly identifying underground utilities, we prevent costly damage to critical infrastructure and reduce project delays, ensuring construction progresses safely.
  • On-Site Support: We offer standby services for larger projects, remaining on site to assist contractors with unexpected utility discoveries, ensuring unknown lines are quickly identified and understood.



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